Complementary Set for Mother Set B

Belai Pampering Kit: RM350, Belai Curvy Corset & 2 Tummy Control Panty: RM149.90

ID # x0003 | SIZE 10 items

Belai Pampering Kit - Gamat Jelly with Dates Extract - Kacip Fatimah Emulsion - Herbal Drink - Tangas Herbs & Feminine Wash - Body Peeling Scrub - Body Contouring Lotion - Herbal Soothing Lotion with a metal case, set of breast pad, pampering guide book and a non-woven bag. Belai Curvy Corset with a canister (available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL) 2 Tummy Control Panty

Directions for use: Refer guide book
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