Herbal Drink

Energy and vitality

ID # BD003 | SIZE 75g x 2

Boosts vitality. Enhances blood circulation. Promotes healthy digestive system. Restores facial beauty.

Directions for use: Boil with 2 litres of water until the water level reduces to half. Drink 1 glass for breakfast, 1 glass for dinner.
Ingredients: Akar Larak (Fissitigma Latifolium), Akar Angin (Usnea Misaminensis), Akar Bedil Lalat (Diospyros Argentea), Akar Selada (Capparis Micracantha), Hempedu Bumi (Andrographis Paniculata), Akar Siak (Dianella Ensifolia), Akar Tengkuk Biawak (Fagraea Acuminatissima).
More Info: Add honey or lime for taste. For confinement: Drink from day 20-29.